The Peace and Winston

Dr. Joseph S. Rowland, Jr. of Tuscaloosa, AL, was the author of two excellent books on the Peace and Winston lines: Southern Peace Families and Winstons of North Carolina and Their Descendants. We’re sorry to report that Joe passed away in 2005.  We've attempted to capture his research accurately however any errors found among this Peace and Winston information are owed us. Let us know and we'll correct them. 

In Calhoun County Alabama, a special thanks goes to Pete and Ruth Sexton of Weaver for all the work they have done to identify and document the descendants of John Easter Peace.  Without their efforts much of this would not be possible.
    Here are surnames allied with our Peace and Winston family.  Have fun!

** NEW **   Southern Peace, available January 2020 from, compiled by Jim Sexton.  It’s a family story and compilation of the descendants of Samuel Peace and Charity Parham of Granville County, North Carolina.

Samuel Peace and Charity Parham married in 1800 in Granville County.  Samuel died in 1811 and Charity raised their six children to adulthood.  Four of their children remained in North Carolina while one migrated to Calhoun County, Alabama and another to Weakley County, Tennessee.

The book is available from – just click on the book image above.

Or, search for the title on Amazon, “Southern Peace: Descendants of Samuel Peace and Charity Parham.


Or, follow this link:

  We have collected research notes for our Peace and Winston clan in Colonial VA, Granville Co., NC as well as Calhoun Co., AL. **** under construction ****

  Here are some Peace, Winston and allied family marriage records.**** under construction ****

  We have collected Federal and State level census records of Peace and Winston families in the South. Take a look at the Census materials. Do you have additions or corrections to suggest? If so drop us a line. **** under construction ****

  We have collected family photographs for our Peace and Winston families (available on CD only).  Do you have any to share? **** under construction ****


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